Why Questionmark Plus? Why are we as we are? How did we shape ourselves?
…Questioning… made us all to who and what we are today! 
So in that spirit …. Thanks 2 what? Thanks to our questioning!! 
Questionmark Plus will be the hottest and coolest place in Malta!
The place, where any and all types of people feel at home & appreciated.
Our way of training staff is a total new way in hospitality in Malta that has already proven in several countries. The fun & the smiles of our staff & our guests are our rewards!!

Our Philosophy: question yourself, how always to be better,  how to improve & dare to do 
things in a other way! Examples…? We have!! Order from our blanc menu …! 
Huh… blanc menu..?? Yep… Questionmark Plus is all about teasing, having fun and making 
Sure Every Guest remembers our lovely place! We are not telling you more…but at our place 
guests love to pay the bill!! Huh……… Love 2 pay the bill…??? YEAH !!

Confusion??  What is this? .....

Bring your Sense 2 smile, for a funky long while!